Smart Cities

Real-time maps are the future of find a park.

Ford, Google, and fast parking of the future

15th September, 2017

Innovative new parking management systems can help achieve the goal of perfect parking management, but how are they performing in the current market?

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Is the age of humans driving cars coming to an end?

Where will Australians park their driverless cars?

14th September, 2017

Driverless cars are on the rise in Australia, but is our infrastructure going to keep pace with this rapid automation? Duncan Solutions has the answers. 

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Duncan Solutions delivers integrated Parking & Guidance Technologies for Smart Cities

20th July, 2017

Smart cities are often stuck with amazing concepts that are not yet practical solutions. When it comes to smart parking, the future is already here. 

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Have digitals wallets signalled the end of cash?

20th July, 2017

Digital wallets have made great strides into the Australian market – but will their integration spell the end of cash spending as we know it? 

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Future cities will need services that communicate wirelessly.

The single, open platform Management System that helps Cities become Smart

13th June, 2017

Smart cities are a futuristic idea of interconnected everything. How is Duncan’s PEMS helping city planners make this future a modern reality?

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Duncan Solutions and Macau

27th January, 2017

Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. With towering skyscrapers, hotels, casinos and shopping malls, the area has earned the nickname, ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. Despite establishing itself as an emerging megalopolis, until recently the region still used traditional coin-operated parking meters. We… Read More

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